Dear Preggers FBook Friend,

I get it. You're preggers, it's the miracle of life... whatever. I get that you wanna post pics of your cute baby belly and even some ultra sound pics (I coulda done without the one pointing to the little baby penis, but w/e). But I have to draw the line somewhere. Posting the pics of the pregnancy TEST are completely out of line. You peed on that stick for Christ's sake! and now you have it sitting on your bathroom counter so you can take not one, but two pics of it and post it online for the world because you're "soooooo happppy!". As if we wouldn't believe you when you told us that you were preggers because "glow" and the baby belly weren't proof enough.

GAG! Please God let me never get that sentimental.

Also, including a copy of the nursery floor plan from PB Kids was even more unnecessary but no where near as disgusting.

Looking forward to the baby shower already,

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