Dear cj,

Don't let Boy In D.C. hold you down. That's bullshit. Actually, I suggest you do start accepting dates from other guys and then making sure BIDC knows all about it. Sure, it's low, and he will most likely see right through it, but at the end of the day, if he's into you, he's still going to be ragingly jealous. Besides, I guaran-damn-tee this boy isn't exactly staying in every Friday night, drinking hot cocoa, watching Sleepless In Seattle, and thinking about you. (No offense). He is probably thinking about how to get laid in the town he is in. Shitty, i know. SO, maybe you should open his eyes to the fact that you are a sexy bitch and there are a plethora of men not only willing, but WISHING, to take you out, meanwhile this douche only wants down your pants.

Maybe he'll sack up. In the meantime, concentrate your efforts on (a.) being a badass bitch, (b.)making sure he knows if he wants you, he can take a number.

Sidebar: I do believe that in some very special situations, no games need to be played. However, it is my observation that nearly every 20-something male is either (a.)scared of commitment, (b.)power-hungry, or (c.) trying to get ass while putting in the least amount of effort you will allow. Therefore, they need to be dealt with delicately, and slight bits of mindgames are a neccessary evil. After all, God knows they play them on us.

Trust me, I've had countless successful and healthy relationships.


P.S. When I said "countless", I meant none.

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