Dear Primetime Television-

Your performance of late means I am no longer mad about you. Maybe it is just growing pains or maybe these are just the facts of life. I understand we live in a world where different strokes go for different folks. I understand that you are projecting what perfect strangers might enjoy. Since most of us are not of the silver spoons class, we enjoy humor and levity that takes our minds off of the office, the ER, or the days of our lives. Perhaps hiring someone new to be a guiding light and getting rid of old execs that are damn close to pushing daisies anyway could be a small wonder. Family ties are built on a night of good television. What happened to previous wonder years with weeknights crammed with hit shows, when the tv powers that be recognized that family matters and even though it might be just the ten of us watching a particular show, we were thoroughly bewitched by said show. Now it seems that the industry is free of law & order, with the void left by bad tv being filled by friends and tending to the green acres we live on. While it may take a quantum leap to rectify this problem, you really have to keep in mind who’s the boss and take the reins of this faltering industry. No matter if you’re single, married, or married with children – this issue affects us all. Please don’t be the biggest loser and make us all feel like our efforts have just gone up in smoke. Don’t air stupid shows just because the price is right. Air quality shows rich with temptation and jeopardy so that viewer ratings improve and make you feel like the top cat you once were. Please let this email be your saving grace and intervention all at once.

Hoping I don’t have to go running for the hills,
Penelope Ann

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