Dear Saturday Night,

You were the best. Homecoming was fantastic. My date was adorable, even though he's waaaay too nice for me and thus ended up leaving me at a party to take care of some puking/hallucinating girl from my English class and not taking advantage of my drunkenness like i so wanted him to. (Ok, it doesn't sound nice like that... but it was, trust me.) The rest of the party was a blur, starting with me storming off cursing and ending with me happily passed out in the hostess's bed with the (female) senior class secretary (whaaaa??). Somewhere in the middle, though, were:
a) one verrrry drunken call to Music Major in which i may or may not have told him i wanted him, "NOWWWW, PLEASE PLEEEEEASE?"...fuuuuucking sleazy, ew.
b) two lez kisses with the blonde norwegian foreign exchange student. aww.
c) three very cute phone calls with the date. i have butterflies just thinking about it.
d) four lost games of Flip-a-Cup. please remind me to never, ever play that game again. ech.
e) five reeeeeallly unattractive pictures of me chugging something cheap and blue, later tagged on facebook and absolutely fucking horrendous. (how come i felt so cute at the time when actually i looked like a charging bull with a cherry tomato for a head?? this is not fair.)

i think i actually like him as a person.



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