Dear "boy" i ONCE had a crush on,

Im pretty sure you broke my heart when i saw you make out with that ugly skank right in front of me, and im really sorry for the 1000 drunk text messages i sent you over that incident but it was 4 years ago. So unless you have shit for brains you should know that i am well and truly over you. Its fair to say I have moved on.....and with alot of other people. You on the other hand are still with that same fug gf of yours doing the same shit you were doing 2 yrs ago which probably makes you happy which is good but a little FYI fuckface you are not going anywhere in life, whereas I am actually going places mainly because im not tied down with a lame ass bf like you. Even though we probably dont ever want to see each other again cant we at least be FB friends?? It just proves how pathetic you really are, to ignore my invitation to be friends and not even a simple explanation why, I guess its just because I look hotter in my pic than you remember.

Good Riddance

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