Dear Life,

The amount of shits I could truly give about anything right now is truly remarkable. You could tell me armageddon was coming tomorrow, and I wouldn't even bat an eyelash. It would at least mean I wouldn't have to go to work.

Today has been so bad, that even the numerous naked women roaming around the gym this evening didn't irk me. Because, well, they don't give two shits either. Nor do they manicure their bushes. But, to each his own. Maybe in another life I will have the fortune to come back as that hairy Asian lady who spends her days alternating between dips in the pool and long soaks in the hot tube, pausing only occasionally to dart evil stares at anyone who leaves a lingering eye on her lady parts, namely the stray black kinky hairs around her nipples. If life were only that good (aside from the stray hairs, of course)...


And also, for any interested parties, I'll have you know it smells like funnel cake outside my house right now.

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Anonymous said...

Wait...i seriously need to know. Is she really naked? Because, yeah...thats incredible. Who does that?

I hope the amount of shits dealt to you decreases.