Dear DNE:

From your letter, I know you and I are workmates.

How do I put this gently?

Don't fuck this gig up for the rest of us by pursuing your "potential" or "taking pride" in your work or some other ridiculous bullcrap. If you do, the rest of us will belittle you until you to resign and you'll have to sue our employer to pay for your therapy. You might think a discrimination lawsuit win might be a sweet deal, but trust me, what we will do to you will be so damaging that no punitive settlement will compensate.

This is a place for lazy people who are happy to coast and rest on their laurels. My only "potential" is a potential to be "muahaha" evil to people who rock our little underachieving boat here...

If you can't handle the lack of pressure, go marry rich and volunteer your time deworming orphans or some shit. Do NOT make the rest of us exemplify "hostile work environment" for you...

Stern looks,

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