Dear Life,

Today I smeared a vat of creamy salve onto a festering, gargantuan skin boil. The fleshy pod is engorged with so much pus. There is even an open sore that is slowly seeping some of the moist liquid from the abcess. I tried palpating the plump skin bump to see if I could pop it, but had little success. The pus must have a high viscosity level. I decided to just grab a moist towelette and other various wet paper products to swab some of the secretions left behind and soothe the swollen pustule. Maybe I will just use an applicator to wipe some ointment on the bloated and infected sore.


Post Script: Does anyone want to suckle on my supple pus pouch?


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Anonymous said...

You aren't the first!


Anonymous said...

My bad d2... I never read yours.

stay supple,