Dear New Yrs Eve,

I had such high hopes for you, especially after you completely sucked ass last yr. So when i find out that i would be celebrating you with 2 other couples for 2 days me being single could have shot myself in the fucking face. Never in my life have i thought my 2 bff's would completely ignore me to talk constantly about their relationship and the similarities between them......EXCUSE ME but anyone with half a brain knows that is fucking boring not only for me but for your bf's as well. I dont expect you to include me in everything you do and say but i dont appreciate being left out of everything and i know you 2 wouldnt either, i recall talking to you both about that less than a month ago and how much it upsets me when you do shit like that and still nothing changes so dont act surprised when i say less than 5 words in 2 days and get drunk on my own because im secretly sitting there thinking of how to drown you in the lake thats how angry i am.
Im even more angry that i didnt get to ring in the new yr with a hot sexfest with some random.

Btw boy who i dated earlier this yr but didnt really like 17 missed calls from you WTF??? im thinking if someone wants to talk to me so badly they are attracted to me after all, but i still dont think i like you sorry!

Pissed off

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