Dear W-2 form my coworker just handed me,

W-2?? WTF is more like it. Am I supposed to do something with you? Is it bad that this is the first time I have ever laid my eyes on one of you? Hopefully it's OK if I just stuffed you in my purse. Go away. This is why I date a finance guy...


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Anonymous said...

please don't lose your dear friend, Mr. W-2. For one, he has waaaay too much of your personal information on him for you to just leave it in some gas station bathroom. For two, he will for sure prove to be one of the best pieces of paper you have ever kept, as he will be your guiding light into getting your tax return. Well, that is, if your parents don't still file you as dependent. And for three, if you lose him, you gotta go through sooo much bullsh*t to get another one just like him that you'll wish you had just treated him right the first time.

your amateur financial advisor,

p.s. don't let your parents file you as dependent. if you are working, tell them to buzz off and you go file independently. then you get a fat a** refund check in like 3 weeks and all is well. :)