Dear People,

Today I heard the cutest effing story and I have to share it. I cried when I heard it, but then again, I cry at anything remotely touching.

So I heard/read about this dog named Kiwi. Now Kiwi is not just your typical dog, she is a service dog to this lady with multiple sclerosis. One day this poor woman is trying to open a drain cleaner, has an allergic reaction to the fumes, and seizures. She falls out of her wheelchair and spills the shit all over her legs. So THE DOG, the awesome freaking dog, OPENS the apartment door and barks all up and down the hallway. Then when no one responds(bastards), Kiwi gets the phone and brings it to the chick to dial 911.

Kiwi, does not stop there. Oh no. Despite the owner's command to get away from the caustic chemicals, the dog pulls her out of the puddle by her nightgown burning her poor puppy paws in the process(cut to me bawling). The chick starts asphyxiating in the ambulance and the EMTs tell her that had the dog not pulled her out, she would have died before they even got there.

I don't like people who don't love dogs.

Kiwi's Biggest Fan,

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