Dear Robin,

It is good to hear from your face. I miss you, bitch. I, too, I'm guilty of relentless celebrity blogging. I find myself more vigilant to Britney's anticipated comeback than my own life.

On another note, I've told you time and time again this "boyfriend" is a fag (pardon my derogatory term-I couldn't think of anything more biting). This guy is basically the biggest douchelord I could possibly imagine and you should be glad I've never met this cockmising whore. His behavior is so horrendous that I would hold no reservations about telling him just how much he wastes oxygen for the rest of us. I would feel mean saying that, but I love you, and I just don't. Next time he calls I recommend you respond with "I'm sorry, but girls with asses like mine don't talk to guys with faces like yours...(click)".

The new hobby search continues, however, I have taken it upon myself to teach the secretary in my office GRE words to expand her vocabulary. Today, I taught her apathy, anomaly, antagonize, and credulous. I'm quizzing her tomorrow to make sure it stuck. As the summer progresses we will move to more difficult words.

I'm also thinking this summer will be a good time to rekindle my relationship with binge drinking. Last summer, I was performing at a much more impressive level and I'm looking forward to raging like I once did. I'm expecting a fat check from financial aid which I will use to supplement the fact that I've been going out every single night including the sabbath.

Things are beginning to look better and better. Especially since this evening I befriended a man with sweetest moustache I've ever seen.

Keep Being a Wino, Bella,

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