Dear bf's baby mama,

You have seriously become the bane of my existence. It's bad enough that your daughter will be 3-years-old soon and she is not potty trained. (I mean, i don't know HOW you just "don't have the time" to potty train her, when you don't even have a job and you sit your fat *ss at home all day watching reruns of Degrassi.) But now you keep her from coming to the audition I set up for her with Disney because you "don't feel like driving". I hate you, you silly b*tch.

You are a lazy, trailer trash cow and I want to make a loser burger sandwich out of you.

I'm almost sad that having your daughter was probably your greatest accomplishment. It just sucks that she has such a waste of life for a mother.

Looking for a child custody lawyer AS WE SPEAK,

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Anonymous said...

Thanks A! Sorry for being such a pain.

Luv ya hun :)