Dear life,

I feel like college is the ex-boyfriend that I will never get over. To quote a part from the new Mariah Carey CD "We said let go, but I kept on hanging on, inside I know it's over you're really gone, it's killing me cause there ain't nothing I can do..." Is it weird I think of college during this song? I just miss everything about it- it was so comfortable and fun.. but I can't go back b/c it's wrong and that is sad. Real life is like the new guy who seemed like he would be so much better but it turns out he's limp and sucky. I miss you college!!

Reminiscent and broken-hearted,


A said...

L, seriously, this only lasts about a year...then you look at people still in college acting like douches and you're glad you are a real adult now.

Although you never stop missing your girls. None of us "seniors" miss college that much anymore. Trust us.

Lala said...

I still miss it too. Let's be drunk and fabulous on Friday and remember why we live in Chicago!

Anonymous said...

iiii miss it too.

let's reunite in the old apartment- those girls are probably moving out of there in a few weeks anyway.