Dear Drano,

You are the shit! You are the GOD of cleaning supplies! No contest with those I-have-no-idea-if-you-are-really-killing-bacteria sprays, which are probably colored water anyway, but you provide immediate gratification and immediate results. If I could pour you over my finals and have you flush out the answer [haha flush] I would invest in a Costco size tub. Better yet if I could pour you over a hot douche bag and within 15 minutes have your MAX GEL power melt away his toolness I would never leave home without you!

De-clogging my life,


Shameless said...

i think pouring draino over a douche bag is actually called murder..but good job there!

massie said...

murder-shmurder, leave it to the lawyer to get me out of that one! :)