dear self,

first off, you should know from college that shot night is never a good idea. second, understand that at 430 am when your boyfriend doesnt pick up his phone the first time, nor the next eight phone calls patiently spaced 3ish minutes apart, he won't pick up on the ninth. Nor will he answer your fifty text messages pleading him to "please be my boyfriend on weekends too," "I brag about you all the time, you are not giving me something to brag about," or "just so you know guys hit on me all the time and I tell them I have a boyfriend bc i love you and answer YOUR phone calls."

Keep reassuring yourself you arent the only girl that does this. youre lucky he loves you.

why does he put up with me,


A said...

(a) we are never taking shots again...even if the bartender is hot. remember singing to him "i like the baa--arrr-tenderrrr"? nice
(b) i called my bf about 32-ish times as well. Thank God his phone was off (for some reason i thought my repeatedly call might turn it on at 3 am) and he doesn't know what a crazy i am.
(c) i sent him a text message with the exact phrase " brag on you all the time"....followed by "baaaaaaaaabe, i hate when we fight". i am that girl too. this is why we're friends.

Crash said...

you are right. last night was totally worth it. i dont think its helping that im overcompensating today and sending him sucking up texts.

Anonymous said...

and you wonder why guys think girls are psycho.