Dear Dear-Lifers,

Does baking a cake and bringing a present for your exboyfriend send the signals of "I'm into you" or "I'm so glad we are such good friends"?
And...if you don't know what signals you want to send to him...what should you do?


PS - did I mention that I'm driving 4 hours for his party?


Hez said...

Some practical advice from a contented single woman pushing 40:

Em, this all sounds like WAY too much effort for someone you are no longer with and are apparently still concerned about sending the wrong signals to (especially if the breakup was recent and the relationship lasted less than a year).

Mail the gift (and I hope it's under $20), EAT THE CAKE YOURSELF and save your gas money for the next dude who hopefully won't make you feel so confused and unsure of yourself.

DO NOT drive 4 hours just to go that party. Desperation is a very stinky perfume and you will not be able to get that stench off you no matter how hard you try. Forget spoiling some stupid boy that can't even be bothered to bone you anymore, and do something FUN on that day with people that currently, actively adore you. (It gets easier - I promise.)

A said...


That was good-ass advice. I kinda agree. Sorry, Em.

But when it's right, you know for sure.


massie said...

Well said. Filing that away for future reference