"I see that you keep on thanking God but your language and how you view or treat other people, in my honest opinion, is not well off with God's. How come?"

Hey asshole...."what happened to stand up and be counted". Nothing better than some jerkoff playing the "holier than thou" card and remaining anonymous. For all you know, A could actually be the second coming of Christ in her formative years. If you ever decide to sack up and speak in front of all of us, then I can get to criticizing your narrow mindedness.

Jon Shay in Denver


Tyler the Video Guy said...

Found of a video of this "holier than thou" making out with another girl...


Anonymous said...


If you ever rick roll me again I'm gonna get holy on your bitch ass.

Nice one,

Tyler the Video Guy said...

I win the interweb.

Anonymous said...

win! lolz.