Dear Friends,

Ok seriously, why are none of you getting married?!?! I can't believe I just said that....but hey, why the FUCK am I not invited to ANY weddings this summer?! Isn't this what your twenties are about? Owning a billion hideous bridesmaid's dresses and constantly worrying who your plus one will be?!

Today I realized that I have zero invitations for shenanigans in which I get to dress up, dance my ass off, and drink til I die. This needs to change. Mama's thirsty and wants to put on her dancing shoes.

Tie The Knot Dammit!


Shameless said...

I hear ya, bring on the high heels and free champagne!

Anonymous said...


A said...

My boyfriend and I have only been together for 3 months and he still says "I love spending time with you" instead of "i love you". I don't think that is anywhere near a possibility when we can't even get rid of the "spending time with" part.

Also, when its your own wedding (a) you can't get drunk (for fear of the wedding pictures being horrendous and they last a lifetime) and (b) you have to spend your time thanking people and getting kissed on the cheek-this leaves little time for ass shaking.

plus i'm not ready for a ball and chain. trust me, some of my friends would willingly pay the piper before this bish takes that plunge.