Dear BF's PhD colleague's girlfriend,

When your PhD BF brought your homemade Oreo 'truffles' into the lab, did you realize you were entering a baking throw down? Your baked goods have now entered the arena of my "Happy Birthday BF Black Forest Cupcakes" and "Here's your Damn Yellow Cake, Physics Bitches." I've been trying to perfect the "I am the Ultimate Asian Julia Child so Eat these Chocolate Chip Cookies and Bow Down to my Supreme Baking Glory Cookies" all weekend.

If I see you on the street, you best get out your spatula.

Hope you use salt instead of sugar,
Buddha :)

P.S. Shameless, when I come visit, I'm bringing the lamb and bacon. BF is bringing the beer/Lagrangian theory.

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Shameless said...

Nothing starts a party like bacon and physics. woowee