Dear Ex girlfriend....

Thank you so much for the last couple of years. Yes, I thought that you weren't really ready for a serious relationship since your last ones were centered around sexual acts with boyfriends or friends with benefits. You, however, in your sweet ways, convinced me you had changed and that you were no longer going to do those physical things with people. That you actually wanted a serious relationship and that you would gladly wait on the other things until you found that person. It further convinced me when you watched porn with me, participated in a three way, used toys, gave a strip tease, role played, etc. It caught me off guard, however, when we abruptly stopped seeing each other a couple of months ago. However, it shocked me more when I saw you with another guy shortly after. I mean, you gave no clues that you had resorted back to your old ways. The dialogue between us was so convincing....

Ex Boyfriend: Are you sure you're ready for a relationship?
Ex Girlfriend: Yes, I'm not the same person..Now, lets watch porn.
Ex Boyfriend: Are you sure
Ex Girlfriend: Yes, I would love a three way
Ex Boyfriend: Well, you really don't want those things with anyone else?
Ex Girlfriend: No....Well, I like to think of other guys and get off..

Ah, I feel better. I seriously hope you get what you're looking for. It's my understanding you will be leaving Music City soon. I guess you ran out of guys. Good luck as you infiltrate another population of males. Remember, do your stretches....You're bound to pull a muscle.


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