Dear Judgmental and Sanctimonious People:

I hate you. You’re always hypocrites. Nobody ever looks behind the door unless they’ve stood there themselves. That’s why I avoid you, don’t give you second chances at work and fire you, and don’t cosign your bullshit. I work to keep my life free of you. I will try keep it that way.

But now you’re riding “A.” Get off her. I like the “Dear Life” blog. It makes me smile. Sanctimorons don’t make me smile. See the disconnect? My suggestion: fuck off.

Here’s my argument: Casting stones is mean. I used to have an 80 MPH fastball, so let’s not play. Just put down the fucking rocks and walk away, preachy people, and I’ll can go back to my escapist schadenfreude, M’Kay?

To conclude...
A = good.
Mean people = bad.


If you crowd the plate I will pop you.

Not love,


cj said...

WOAH. What did i miss?


and T-

I agree. Danke for posting this.

Anonymous said...

amen. step off bitches.