Dear Ex-boyfriend,

How is it that you can be so immature and have such a lack of common sense? I really don't get it. You seem to have the capability to read people and manipulate situations, yet have miserably fallen on your face. Do you honestly think that, after sending me text messages asking for me back for over a month, another would work? Did you really think that I would get any one of them and say, "why yes, now I WILL take you back, silly me for ignoring your previous 2 million attempts!"?? Well, hint hint, that ain't gonna work buddy. And as I've reminded you many times, its not enough. If you really wanted someone back, don't you think that you'd go to more lengths and do more things than text to get them back??!!!!!!!!!! Well i do. You obviously aren't going to do any better, so please, leave me be. At one point I thought we were compatible and that we might just work through your kindergarden years, but I simply need more..... a lot more.

Looking for a real man,

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