Dear T,

I want to start by saying that I really did enjoy meeting you and think you are a very pleasant person. However, I know I told you this to your face, but I want to reiterate that stating that you are a "teddy bear" and drive a BMW is not something that sparks my interest. I understand that all you want in life is an independent woman to come home to who will let you "rub her feet while she talks about her day". I also understand that you convinced yourself that I am that girl. While you were correct in telling me repeatedly that I am very sexy, the scenario described is simply undesirable to me. Frankly, I do not, repeat DO NOT, want anyone who will let me make them my bitch, and given the leeway, I absolutely will. This is not hot. I would prefer a guy to not have a cryfest with me and make me laugh about something instead. I know that you have entered your 30s now and things are starting to get scary, but I am sure there is some little lady out there who wants exactly what your precious heart desires. I'm sure you will find her soon, and you will live very happily together taking Christmas pictures under stockings with the muff dogs I picture you having named JuJu and Princess.

Kind Regards,

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