Dear Apartment Building (Landlord),

I can't really complain a whole lot. It's a good area, a clean place to live, for not an exuberant amount of money. However, I think it's pretty bad when:

-I can't shower without having random interrupts in the hot/cold water, probably due to sharing pipes and hot water heaters with another apartment in the building. Pretty sure that's against regulations. If I'M paying for water, you could at least have redone the plumbing before renting out the building.

-I can't use my microwave without the lights dimming. When the fridge kicks on, the lights flicker. When the air conditioning (in the summer) kicks on, the lights flicker. Pretty sure THAT'S not up to code, either.

Can't wait to be done with college and move the hell out of here,


Anonymous said...


I feel your pain. When I was dating my former in your fair city she had a place like that. More then likely the same property management team. It is a very affordable city to live in.


ML said...

yes, about that. :) they deemed this city the most livable. Pittsburgh found out and said "oh, we'll fix that..."

Anonymous said...

...exorbitant amount of money. unless your money is particularly happy?

Paul said...

I bet that was A who left the anon comment. She's a stickler for SAT vocab words and correcting people.

A said...

nah uh, it wasn't.

and i sign my comments.

cj said...

hey, anonymous. it means "excessive" as well. And A seems well-versed in the English language enough to know that.


cf said...

when i use my microwave, the fuse blows. also when i use the washer and dryer at the same time.

i feel your pain.