Dear My boy,

this weeked you said the following,
"You know what I saw that made me think of you? you know the Linsay Lohan version of the Last Sitting?" Yes? "Just made me think of you"
And I was kind of enamoured of you.

And then, tonight, you clarify,
"lol, i was refering to the marylin shoot, i mean, lindsay was hot, but you're way more classic glamor than she is...lindsay is still a girl, to me, you and marylin are women ;-) i mean, i'd not kick lindsay out of bed, but I was comparing you the marylin shoot, much more luxurious, and come on baby, you're an original, never a copy...I'm gonna have to insist, you're a marylin to me, not a lindsey"
and then I swooned onto my couch with the teddy bear that came with my V Day flowers that I pretended I didn't care about but sometimes cuddle with....

Feeling more and more fabulous everytme I talk to you,

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