Dear Life,

Um, so I'm getting kind of worried. It's my birthday, I have friends, and I have an apartment. It only makes sense to have a party, but now I'm extremely nervous thinking about how many people I invited and what that actually means. Sure, it's fun to be popular, but did I really need to invite this guy?! I'm thinking that maybe I should have been a little more thoughtful when I made an evite for 60 people (and their significant others) when I have a tiny apartment.

Here are my concerns...
(a) my carpet will look leopard print by the end of the night
(b) when I need to go throw up in my bathroom, there will be a line
(c) my VERY QUIET apartment complex is going to be VERY angry at me and my lack of consideration
(d) the cops may be called
(e) I will be too drunk to tell them my name when they're taking me in

this could be amazing or an intensely bad idea. we'll see!

P.S. Happy Birthday to me! (on Sunday)


Shameless said...

Happy Birthday A!

jec said...

Happy Birthday! Can't wait to hear about your party....

Anonymous said...

happy birthday a! sunday was my birthday too... hope you're recovering at home and not in the drunk tank ;)