Dear Co-Worker,

You are SO effing condescending to me it makes me want to puke. I know that I'm cute and perky and my boobs are big and that I was blonde when I was first started working here, and I know that I'm just the receptionist/office bitch...but I really don't need to hear, "Well bless your heart!" every time I SOMEHOW manage to press 'start' on the copier, or bring you your mail, or take down messages while you are out at lunch. I get paid - and decently, I might add - to do those things for you, so I don't need a pat on the head and a doggie biscuit for doing my job. Believe it or not, I did graduate with an actual degree, from a pretty good school. I am smart and capable, and no, bringing people coffee and sorting mail is NOT what I plan on doing for the rest of my life. So please refrain from addressing me like I'm a five year old with a lobotomy. THANKS.

Also, My Face Is Not Located On My Chest - Just Sayin',


Just sayin' said...

The phrase "bless your heart" makes me want to rip the other person's heart out of their chest and feed it to them.

blondiebluenyc said...

Argh CF! I know the feeling. spit in the coffee. ;) And remember this feeling when you advance up in the world and kick serious ass - be nice to the little people! rootin' for you from nyc.

Douchegirl said...

I HATE being the receptionist/office bitch. My boss is the same way and i despise him with a passion. Except for that holiday dinner when he did tequila shots with me.

Anonymous said...

I say we start a coalition: Receptionists Against Patronization (RAP). Meetings are everyday after work at the local happy hour/karaoke joint.