Dear Dear Life Bloggers,

I don't want to distract you from our fantastically sarcastic and amusing reads that we are provided with on a daily basis, but I did want to share with you some blogs from the DC area that I can't stop reading.

Each morning (and 3-4 times while at work) I check this blog and then, and I must admit that roissy is a lot more funny than rooshv. They are written by two guys who live in the DC area and some of what they write can be offensive to women...which makes it sooo much more funny! I learned about these from a fab DC guy-friend who knows my sarcastic humor. I think you all will enjoy as well!

Don't give up on Dear Life...simply add these into your routine if you like them! I mean, anything to distract you from actually working while you are getting paid to do so, right?

Blogging love,


Anonymous said...

blah! i was not amused at all
it seems like douchebag guys who just make up stories so they feel cool about themselves

Anonymous said...

i didn't know funny = douchey. i would doubt your taste were you not a faithful reader of dear life.

Em said...

eh, ok -- I tried! Oh well

Anonymous said...

found a slew of good stuff to read on these posts as well as some of their links...thanks!