Dear Subconscious,

Thanks for mentally smacking me upside the head. I don't think you could've BEEN any more blunt than you were last night when you gave me a lovely little gem of a dream in which i'm about to walk down the aisle with someone I don't love when I look at myself in the mirror and suddenly - ding ding ding! - realize that WTF, I can't possibly marry this guy.

Yep, that's pretty effin' straightforward. After wavering about my feelings for New Guy for the past month and a half, I think we've basically made up our mind. As to why the fiancee was my childhood friend's older brother whom I haven't spoken to since he used to pull my braids in elementary school...? Now that one's a little tougher to figure out.

You're So Kooky, Subconscious, But I Love You Anyway,

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