Dear co-workers in my region,

You guys are pretty sweet ass. You are alchys, much like myself. You like me and the fact that I am young, smart and motivated. You let me travel a lot and you feed me expensive/really good dinners at my favorite restaurants.

I want to say thank you for the possibility of a promotion that typically takes 4-5 years to get and I will be considered after less than 1 year in my position.

However, I have been keeping a secret. I may or may not be able to accept that promotion (if it is offered to me in the near future) due to the fact that I have been applying to law schools behind your back. Thats right. I will find out in May if I am accepted and I will be gone by June.

Shittttttt....I feel like I suck at life and hate lying to you because you are so cool,

PS - If you paid me more, I might be tempted to put off law school for a year, but the raise would have to be significant.
PPS - If you find me a sweet ass boyfriend to go with the promo and job, I will be really really tempted to stay with the company (hey, no one said the benefit package couldn't include an actual male with a package)

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