Dear people who call me at work,

When I answer my phone I say, "This is Melissa." NOT "This is Martha." Stop freaking calling me MARTHA!!! If you don't know my name, then you SHOULD NOT be calling me! I'm more important to my company than a damn secretary and I shouldn't have to transfer your calls!

Not answering the phone for 10 mins so I can check this blog,

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cj said...

I like it even more when people i don't know address me by my name. I.E.:

caller: "who am i speaking with?"
me: "[my name, cj for all intents and purposes]."
caller "hello, cj, listen. can you have so and so call me? that'd be really sweet of you, cj. (...throw in my name 7 more times in the span of 2 more sentences)"

answering phones for random strangers SUCKS.