dear j,

we dated for two weeks and then i dumped you.
hard feelings are okay; i would be pissed too.

but two weeks of "dating" (which is absurd because we didn't even hang out once during) should not be enough to completely negate the 6+ months of being the bestest of best friends.

the kind of friends that hang out all the time. the kind of friends that always have each others back when people start talking shit. the kind of friends that go to a deserted park and watch a meteor shower on a dinosaur-patterned sleeping bag until they're falling asleep and it's three in the morning and neither one of them ever wants to leave. the kind of friends that get caught being totally wasted on Orange Stoli when your mom comes home early and race up the stairs giggling and wondering if you'll ever platonically LIKE someone this much ever again in your life.

but apparently, it is for you.

please grow up and talk to me.

i miss the shit out of you, asshole,

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