Dear Other "B:"

AAAHHHHH!!! NOOOOOOO!!!! You are the antithesis of me in every single one of your blogs!!!! I was here first and can't have people confusing us!!!!

Sorry, Charlie,

PS Capitalizing it doesn't count b/c sometimes I drunk-post and god only knows what happens


cj said...

May i suggest:

~b~ ?

its actually strange how attached me become to our "pen names". i once posted as "c" on accident, and i felt really bad. i felt like i was taking something away from the real "c" (who i think capitalizes it, no?).


Anonymous said...

yeah, ok, automatic DLB rules stipulate that you MUST familiarize yourself with the blog's content enough to know if there is already someone with your nickname. Duh.

Second "B", you have been given a verbal warning to change your name or be forever condemned in the virtual court of blogs. :)