Sick Out. I Can't Believe I'm Posting This

Dear Knife I was cutting cheese with,

Wow. You really got the best of me. I was so focused on how yummy the cheese was gonna be, and totally not expecting you to filet my wrist down to bone. You got me! So now, thanks to you, I have little functionality/feeling left in my hand. Touché. Although I have to admit it was kinda cool seeing the exposed tendons move back and forth as a I moved my thumb. So thanks to you, I went out and bought the biggest jug of cheap ass wine I could find. We’s getting PTSD drunk tonight.

Knives will always win vs. skin,


Ps, I’ve attached a really sweet pic of the damage. NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH Sorry A.


Shameless said...

Feel better Tyler. Thanks for making me want to vom.

cj said...




Awesome wound, though. Are you hoping for a scar?


cf said...


I just sat down with my lunch, settled into my chair for a good half hour or so of eating/catching up on my blog gossip/not doing work, and THIS is the first thing I see?



Tyler said...

haha sorry guys. Just had to share my unsuccessful foray into gourmet cooking with the world.

I'm okay, went to the hospital, got all stitched up. I just have any feeling in half of my hand. Makes it hard to type.


Tyler said...

And yeah, it's gonna be one pretty sweet scar.

I'm gonna tell the ladies that I got into a knife fight in east LA and had to kill the guy.

Sympathy vag?

cj said...

You should definitely get an accompanying tattoo. Like the Rolling Stones lips/mouth/tongue thing or a skull with a cobra coming out of the eye socket.


Tyler said...

Will do. That will make #6! ;)

Anonymous said...


i would totally give you sympathy vag just because of that wound...

but the six tattoos don't hurt, either. ;)