Dear Life Bloggers,

Can you seriously be anymore less creative? LAME! I mean Aids how are you even accepting some of this bizzo? Isn't the purpose of the blog to go out to obnoxiously long drawn out life situations and moments that are so hilarious you just want to grasp them forever? Not all of these dear boyfriend, dear life, dear freshman... blah! dear people! Dear Iam tired of being a Lame ass- Its looking a little lazy and sloppy around here, I am becoming less and less amused.

Thanks for your Cooperation Peeps

should I say who this is?

P.S. Aids you're not included in the no creative section, because you are the brains behind the mastermind of the dear life. Still believe that you have it down pat. Just sayen.

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Anonymous said...

maybe you should write more then and show us how it's done.