Dear Ridiculous Management Staff,

Here are some of today's quotes, so you know how stupid/condescending/inappropriate you sounded at the staff meeting today.

Alcoholic Boss: "I don't think 'job protection' means that I have to keep YOUR job for you if you go on maternity leave, I think it means I have to keep A job for you. ...No? Well, do you have documented cases on that?"

Lazy Boss: "You guys don't realize how lucky you have it here. We could give you no vacation for your first year if we wanted to. Really, I'm being pretty generous."

Alcoholic Boss: "Name me one business that has Martin Luther King Jr. Day off. ...What? Schools? Banks? The Post Office? All your friends? Well, my wife doesn't, so we're not going to either."

Lazy Boss: "If you work over 12 hours in one day, we should change the meal expense allowance to $20 per meal instead of $10." (btw, he's morbidly obese. kind of like Margerie, below.)

Alcoholic Boss: "Are you sure the FMLA doesn't cover businesses under 50 people? Where did you hear that? The FMLA? Oh."

SOO glad I have 4 interviews in the next 2 weeks,

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