Dear Dear Life Blog:

I had almost given up on you. For a long time you've been packed nothing but two things:

1) loads happy-snappy "The Universe LOOOOVES me" crap
2) occasional wistful hopings for over-six-footers with ice-blue peepers from multiple corners

...these sentiments activate my gag reflex, DLB. I was worried about us.

But today all the snide irony, bitterness and injustice are back and concentrated. Oh, how I've missed you!

Big Big hearts!

p.s. anyone in your family adopting? I want in!


A said...


Dude, I know. I will openly admit that at least MY posts have been sucking lately. Thankfully, I've decided to stop taking my happy pills, so hopefully my sardonic wit will come back full throttle any day now. Also, the novelty of new ass will wear off soon.

My apologies,

Anonymous said...

Well actually T, you might have hope. All you have to do is be a BIG TIME loser (no job, no car, live with mom) with no ambitions in life other than to eventually get a cadillac and put rims on it. Oh yeah, and you also have to impregnate one of my "hoe-atious" cousins, but that one's easy.

Good luck!