Dear Jon & Kate Plus Eight On TLC,

Please stop. You are making my uterus twinge. I have held strong to the feeling that I don't ever want children - but yet the thought of 8 all at once completely entices me. Seriously - how did you pop out 6 of the most adorable kids in the world?

I am going to steal Aiden from you. A toddler in glasses is the cutest thing ever. Props to you Kate for being the rocking-est mom ever and to Jon for being adorably mellow.

rethinking my single and childless status and dvr-ing the hell out of your show,


Anonymous said...

I know, right? don't they just make having 8 kids look like a fantastic bucket of fun?!

p.s. I totally second the toddler in glasses comment


Anonymous said...

I agree I Seriously watched the mini marathon and my uterus yearned!

Buddha said...

As an Asian gal dating a White guy, I pretend those are my future children. If I had 8 children, I too would highlight subliminal advertising for GAP, Organic food, other TLC shows and local area attractions.