Dear kid sister,

I'm convinced that you're hopeless.

You call me crying last Friday to tell me that the guy that you had been dating for a week is now threatening to kill you because his girlfriend found out about you. (I told you he was REALLY retarded--think down-syndrome retarded--but you didn't believe me.) So me and the parents fork over $150 to fly you home to safety. Then, AS SOON as you get home, you are trying to convince us to send you back on the premise that you "don't feel like starting over", "don't like change", "will miss your friends", and that you feel like you're "running away". Well, duh.

I honestly just can't believe you have become so clueless and stupid. This dude threatened to kill you and you are talking about "missing your friends"? Are you kidding me?! You dumb ass biatch! You are gonna miss your friends alright, especially if that fat ass retard catches your ass slippin and throws you in the truck of his car. Then what? Where would you friends be then? Where were they when he was pushing you around, eh? Or when he was calling you names and threatening to kill you?

I'm really tired of caring about you when you don't seem to care about yourself. And the latter is probably the saddest part of all.

Way to show your school spirit,
Disappointed TR

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