Dear Verizon Guy,

Um, I saw your GIANT black boner.

Sorry for staring, but God, you could have TRIED to hide that beast.



Anonymous said...

Um...just a few questions, A:

1. Whyyyy did he have a boner? Does servicing phone lines get him off? Weird.

2. Where in the hell were you that you got a good look at his GIANT black boner?

3. How big was it?



A said...


1.) I'm really not sure. My dress was pretty cute and pretty short? It's possible that it was for one of the two other female associates, but they were fairly husky women...maybe he has a fetish with that?

2.) He was standing behind the counter caddycorner to me. He was in black pants (he was a very sharply dressed young man) which apparently doesn't do much for erection coverage. He wasn't pushing up to the counter as much as he could have to hide it though. Maybe he wanted me to see...I'm pretty sure he caught me staring.

3.) Maybe not GARGANTUAN, but I'd say at least 7?


Anonymous said...

Hmm...well, with the evidence you have presented to me, I would say:

a) YOU gave him the boner, Ms. Tiny dress!

b) he wanted you to see it because if he was embarrased by it and wanted to hide it, he would have

c) YIKES! ...but, eh, i'm not completely impressed. lol

Get 'em, A! lol