dear boss,

get off me. i understand you think i'm cute and funny and all that but this is getting ridic. texting me all the time saying you like me is cute and all. but, COME ON. when i first started you hated me. you made me cry. TWICE. and now you realize that i'm a bamf so you're all up on this. get real. you're a cool dude and i dig when you're nice and we get along grade A style... but when you go completely bipolar and say that "i broke your heart" and that i'm evil?... just no.

so yeah, i won't sleep with you, sorry about that,


Anonymous said...

umm - your BOSS? get a lawyer dude.

Anonymous said...

totally have the same thing going on, but when denied said boss he got so paranoid he would lose his job he's been my bitch ever since.

seems to have worked out nicely, hope the same happens for you!