Dear Common Sense,

Listen. I know we've never had this talk before, because I've always been one of those girls who knew better. Nevertheless, you sir, are NOT allowed to go on vacation. EVER. I'm sorry. Your job description said nothing about nights and weekends. So last night/this morning: that was a completely unacceptable incident. Remember: I'm one of those girls who KNOWS better. But alas, last night, you allowed me to, in a drunken stupor, allow the common sense of the BF to take over and not wait for the bus that went back to my house, but rather take the one that went back to his. Sure, I got my paper done (while sobering up), but then this morning, I had to leave his place at 8:30am in an rain/ice storm in the 3.5" heeled boots I so desperately needed to wear. You know full well I have those shoes saved up for when I have a car instead of having to rely on a bus! I had to walk to the bus without an umbrella in terrible shoes and with my paper folded up inside my cute, sexy purse because I didn't have a bag. I couldn't even call anyone for a ride because I had left my phone at home as well! And common sense, YOU would've known this was going to happen and stopped at least most of it from happening had you BEEN THERE! Jerk.

You're grounded,

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