Dear me in the '08,

I am so proud of you. Not only have you completed your first semester of law school and have not tried to commit suicide but your goal of having "standards" is actually being upheld!

For example:

1. When a guy is 2 hours late for your date because of work [which was totally fine b/c of the unpredictability of his job and that you have ditched him a bajillion times to do your work] you said no to meeting up for drinks and told him that you wanted to hang out with him sober to see if sober you liked him as much as drunk you.

2. When same boy then proceeded to schedule a coffee date which led to "tv watching"... you stopped at first!! FIRST BASE!!! Even though the apartment was empty and the making out was AWESOME, you left him wanting more. Just made out in the couch high school...err middle school... style.

3. And finally you are balancing three possible guys that you might like but are trying to get to know them first before actually sleeping with them! Hurrah!

If feels so good to reclaim your virginity,

PS Plus your alcohol consumption is down between Sunday - Wednesday! Keep it up until A gets here!

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