Dear self,

When you decide to get low low low low low low low while wearing your boots with the fur, you are asking for male trouble.

You can't help but draw in a previous one nighter (who you like to think of as your male counterpart) while you're shakin' it at your favorite bar in town. However, your booty shakin' becomes problematic when said one nighter comes over to your apartment where many mutual friends of current "fling" are crashing. When everyone wakes up and sees you snuggling with one nighter (who you can now dub two nighter), and he is only wearing his boxers, no questions need to be asked. All your friends are expected to relay back to "fling" the apparent romping that ensued.

And the only justification I have for this is that two nighter really makes me laugh like "fling" didn't.

I guess the fling is over,

PS - does this mean I'm cut off for our VDay dinner, Mr. Fling?

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