dear best friend,

Soooo not cool ditching me for the guy that left you stranded and that I bitched out and then got in the hugest fight of the century with my bf over. good job.

i've been trying to set up this drinking session with you for WEEKS now and i get nothing. *sad face*

i mean seriously dude, tell which is it: do you really like him or is it that you are borderline desperate to have a male companion after dating so many c*ckjugglers and skooch monsters? no one told you to date 2 diff guys for 2 years and then get your heart broken when neither want to commit to you. Helloooo? they knew about eachother! did we learn NOTHING in college when we would date multiple guys at the same time?!

So come on now, the next time you wanna totally ruin our "closure" session (aka "girls night out"), try to make sure it's for a guy whose shoe size is bigger than mine.

k, love ya, ttyl *smooches!*

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