Dear Boyfriend:

Our 6 year anniversary (which fabulously fell on a Saturday for once) consisted of waking up early, rushing over to the bus station, riding on a smelly, crowded Greyhound bus for 4 hours all the while listening to the ghetto, overweight girls in the seats behind us talk and eat chicken nuggets and watching you play a Nintendo DS. Then we went to your creepy Grandmother's house where we hung out (watched basketball) with your perverted brother who commented repeatedly on my breasts and touched me a little bit too much. To make matters worse- I had to sleep (alone) in a room with a bunch of weird art, animals, and a really creepy mannequin that I thought was a person in the middle of the night hovering over my bed. This is really not the romantic day/evening that I'd had in mind. So.. basically... YOU OWE ME!!


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