Dear Self,

It was unfortunate that you chose to stay at new crush's (that you happened to go to HS with and elementary school with) place even though you knew that it would end up in awkward drunken sex. Oh, and it did. In your defense, he did offer you booze and to give you money for gas to get home the next day since you were so far out of town and he complimented the shit out of your 'fucking amazing body' and informed you that 'some people pay to have bodies like yours.' Unforch, it wasn't enough to make up for the incredibly awkward following morning including, but not limited to, the fact that my car was almost towed twice right in front of said crush while waiting for the gas money because I lost my ATM card two nights before while drunkenly gallivanting around the city. I kinda felt prostitute-y.

Doing what I usually do, just not for free this time,
TA in CA

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