Dear Life,

What the crap? I don't know which god I offended but cant I get a break. First, got a $100 ticket for talking on my cell while driving [FUCK], second, turns out someone had my credit card number and charged 2 Iphones to it [DOUBLE FUCK] and lastly, boy that I have been seeing for a few weeks and I was major crushing on [as in the first boy I have let myself like since I broke up with my ex] was all over another girl last night. Not that we are even really dating, we were sleeping together, flirting, and having mini dates. SO COME ON!! At least I was very classy in saying no when he asked me to go home with him apparently when his "plans" fell through or whatever. I just don't get it! Something needs to change, maybe some feng shui or a haircut, SOMETHING!!!

HELP! How do I change my life around??

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