Dear Tyler,

What do you do, and how does it give you access to Metallica? I'm pretty sure that kind of brush with fame gets you lots of chicks. How can I get a birthday message?

Sexual favors open for discussion,
Penelope Ann

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tyler said...

Dear Penelope Ann,

I can only reveal a bit about what I do as to not reveal my true identity. I am the video consultant for one of the world's largest record companies. So basically I shoot and edit the entire roster of bands for the label. Not a bad gig. As for the women...

I do not use my job to get dates. I don't like to brag about my job, so I usually leave those details out when women ask me what I do. Also, I don't wanna invade some chicks vag just cause I hang out with rock stars. I want her to like me for me (cliche, right?). Unfortunately, in LA, there's not that many women that I find attractive anyway, so I usually just hang out with the guys. I guess I love my job so much, a woman would have to be UBERCOOL to compete for my time. Double-edged sword of sorts.

Oh well. I don't mind being single.